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Folha Imperial Soap and Cologne Kit

Folha Imperial Soap and Cologne Kit

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The bar soap for body and hands is formulated with vegetable glycerin, leaving an intense aroma, gently cleansing and leaving the skin scented for longer. And it is that all the fragrances of Granado are made with extra neutral alcohol, which translates into a high degree of purity and does not interfere with the result of the fragrance. In addition, the perfume goes through a maceration process, a practice carried out by a select group of perfumeries in the world, which ensures a greater harmonization and maturation of the olfactory notes of the fragrance.

The Folha Imperial collection, in a limited edition, celebrates all the richness of the Atlantic Forest and invites us to reconnect with nature and raise awareness about its preservation. Together with Fundação SOS Mata Atlântica, Granado embraces and supports the Bosques del Futuro project, dedicated to the preservation and reforestation of the largest Brazilian biome, donating part of the profits from the sale of products to this project.

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